Woman found dead in her own home after seven years.

OAKLAND, Calif.—Relatives of Eunice Workman had no idea where the elderly woman had gone when they reported her missing seven years ago. They finally found her—under a pile of debris in her own home.
Workman’s daughters were cleaning out the two-story north Oakland home Wednesday when they discovered the body. Her remains were in a second-floor bedroom.

Workman had lived in the house for a decade before she went missing.

Authorities plan to conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of death.


2 thoughts on “Woman found dead in her own home after seven years.

  1. unknown

    Oh come on pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. If she was missing the first thing one does is check the home.
    Also the smell would have been fowl and surely would have been noticed by people passing the house. This is outrageous..bloody outrageous and the family/children should be utterly ashamed of themselves not to have checked the home continually during the first few days/weeks of the lady gone missing. Gone missing….did I say. What a load of crap. didnt the family have daily connections with aold age family member.
    Im sorry I dont buy this…..its disgusting.

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